Words to Seniors

It is the season of graduation. Although things look differently in this Coronavirus age, some things are still the same. So here is our encouragement and prayer for those getting ready to leave college into whatever the next phase of life is:
1) Don’t let this be your spiritual peak. Let your time in college growing in your faith, love for Jesus, and passion to make him known launch you into the next phase and season. How will you do that?
2) Be ruthless in your pursuit of Jesus. That is what it will take. Ruthless = having no pity; merciless; cruel. Strange thing to describe this? Maybe. Yet you will need to be because our world is in love with ourselves and with our sin. And it has a ruler that hates your faith, worship, repentance, and humility.
The days ahead may be hard. Sin will be exposes that will be hare to address or be confronted with. Eventually there will be tragedy, grief, and loss that will make you not want to get out of bed. AND you may enter into an even greater season of spiritual danger: success/comfort.
Be vigilant and ruthless. Double down on your desperate prayers for God to keep you in his hand and watch over you. Let nothing keep you from community with others and a rich intake of the Word. And most importantly, fix your gaze on Jesus as your perfect savior who has lived, bled, died, and was resurrected FOR YOU.
3) Keep the vision of laboring and multiplying disciples ever before you. Don’t believe any lies that put it into the background. Keep asking God for one man or woman to give your life to. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or if you feel like you don’t know enough. Share life, encourage them in the scriptures, ask hard questions and listen, share you struggles and doubts, and pray like crazy!

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