reaching the world through the campus

The Navigators at Kansas State University are a family of students on a mission to know Christ, make him known, and help others do the same.

Our passion is to reproduce disciples through intentional 1:1 training as students experience the transforming power of the gospel and learn to personally engage with the scriptures and non-believers around them.

“If we can win the university today, we will win the world tomorrow”. – Bill Bright


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Community Groups

Fill out the form below to get involved in a Community Group bible study to connect, worship, and grow with fellow college students or to express your interest and hear more of who we are:

New Here?

Untitled designHi, my name is Jon Pagel, I’m the campus director for the Navs here. Thanks for checking our page out! Whether you are a freshmen, transfer, or an upperclassmen curious about spiritual things…. this is the place for you. Below are three steps you can take to get to know us more:

1 Fill out our new student info here so we can connect with you on campus the first week of school!

2 Check out the semester calendar and consider joining us at one of the following…

  • Nav Night is our worship night where we have some fun and hear a talk from the Bible.
  • Community groups are a weekly student led small group of 5-10 that study the Bible and grow in relationship together. They meet on various nights.
  • 1:1 Discipleship meetings happen all throughout the week with the goal of intentionally growing in our faith. If you are interested in a staff or student discipling you, let us know here.
  • Check our more things we do during the semester here 

3 Check out the blog! Read some thoughts and reflections  about the transforming power of the gospel that draws us into radically authentic relationships. Or read about who we are as a ministry and what we hope to accomplish here at K-State.

Whatever you decide or wherever you go, we want you to feel welcomed / loved but also challenged / exhorted because we have a God who pursues (in the person and work of Jesus) the undeserving, weak, broken, and messed up while taking sin seriously. And that, is a very very good thing.

Good to meet you and hope to see you around.

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Transformed Lives

The Navigators at K-State were the catalyst through which my knowledge of God became a relationship with God. This was modeled to me by both students and staff who were willing to open their lives to me, inviting me to join them in walking with God.


Bible studies with other students showed me how to read and study the Bible in meaningful, purposeful ways. Events like Main Event and Laborers were a great opportunity to get away from school for a weekend, fellowship with, and learn with other believers. Programs such as Jax STP and Short-term overseas missions provided opportunities to step out of my comfort zone along with other believers into spaces where my faith would grow.


I met lifelong friends through the Navs at K-State. My previous friendships became even stronger. And God opened my eyes to truths that have strengthened my faith in Him.

Grant 2017 Graduate

Hi, I’m Anna! My time in the Navs was full of sweet moments and experiences that I’ll never forget. I joined during my sophomore year of college when I was struggling with many things and wow, was God’s timing absolutely perfect. Being a part of the Navs impacted my walk with the Lord in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Being a part of the Navs gave me an opportunity to learn how to live my life fully for Christ.


From developing an understanding of what it truly meant to have a relationship with the Lord, to being loved on and discipled by so many godly women, and then getting to love and disciple freshmen women during my last year, God changed my heart in many ways and grew me for His glory. God blessed me with so many ways to serve and love others in the Navs, which has lead to a desire to serve and love others in my church! I met my very best friends through Navs and they still, continually, point me to Christ in all that I do!


I am forever thankful to our Savior for taking my scared, sad, 19 year old self and giving me a community of believers to walk along side as I grew in my walk with the Lord during those college years!

Anna 2017 Graduate