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The Navigators at Kansas State University are a family of students on a mission to know Christ, make him known, and help others do the same.

Our passion is to reproduce disciples through intentional 1:1 training as students experience the transforming power of the gospel and learn to personally engage with the scriptures and non-believers around them.

“If we can win the university today, we will win the world tomorrow”. – Bill Bright


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Give Your Brain to the Bible with us this Summer

“We christians are also called to follow Jesus, the blessed man who meditated on the Bible day and night. We are to be flourishing trees like Jesus, and we get that way by giving our brains to the Bible (mic drop and close the curtain).

– What is Biblical Theology, by James Hamilton; parenthesis added

Summers can be a hard time for students spiritually. Their rhythms change, their environments change, sources of spiritual nourishment can change, etc…

So this summer we want to encourage you to,”give your brains to the Bible” by having a staff or student share each week what they are reading and learning in the Bible. It is nothing fancy or profound. Just to say that we are with you and hope you will join us this summer as we “give our brains to the Bible”!

Two things quick:

  1. If you need a plan or somewhere to start, let this give you some ideas. Just use something and get going.
  2. As you read it (and discuss it with others because the Bible is meant to just be taken in on your own), check out our tips on how to grow in your Bible literacy.


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New Here?

Hi, my name is Jon Pagel, I’m the campus director for the Navs here. Thanks for checking our page out! Whether you are a freshmen, transfer, or an upperclassmen curious about spiritual things…. this is the place for you. Below are three steps you can take to get to know us more:

FIRST: Check out the weekly planner below and consider joining us at one of the following…

  • Nav Night is our weekly worship night where we have some fun and hear a talk from the Bible.
  • Community groups are a weekly student led small group of 5-10 that study the Bible and grow in relationship together. They meet on various nights.
  • 1:1 Discipleship meetings happen all throughout the week with the goal of intentionally growing in our faith. If you are interested in a staff or student discipling you, let us know here.
  • Check our more things we do during the semester here

SECOND: Read some thoughts and reflections on the blog about the transforming power of the gospel that draws us into radically authentic relationships.

THIRD: Read about who we are as a ministry and what we hope to accomplish here at K-State.

Whatever you decide or wherever you go, we want you to feel welcomed / loved but also challenged / exhorted because we have a God who pursues (in the person and work of Jesus) the undeserving, weak, broken, and messed up while taking sin very seriously. And that is a good thing!

Good to meet you and hope to see you around.

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Transformed Lives

The Navs have really changed my life!

Student 2 Junior, studying supply chain management

The Navs have changed my life!

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