What We Do

As we have said before, our mission is to help students know Christ, make Him known, and to help others do the same. Below are some of the ways we do this during the week and semester:

1:1 Discipleship

The heartbeat of the Navs is to invest deeply in a few through one on one discipleship. We believe that lives are transformed as 1) we are known and loved in our mess and the mundane and 2) when truth intersects these moments. This means discipleship takes time, trust, and the scriptures. We strive to have these kinds of relationships going among our staff and students and we are seeing more and more students replicating this among their peers.

Community Groups (small group Bible studies)

Community groups meet throughout the week to dive in and study the Word of God! These small groups are student led and separated by gender. Meeting times and locations vary depending on the community group. Furthermore, check out our events calendar to see when each community group is meeting to see if you are able to attend! Interested? Find out more here.

Nav Night (weekly worship night)

Each week during the semester, we all meet to worship God and grow in Christ. Come join us at 8:00 PM CST on Thursdays to help glorify God and spread his word!

Can’t make it? We record each Nav Night so that all can worship with us! Check it out!


These are a great time to get away from the normal rhythm of the semester to deepen relationships with others and be challenged spiritually. We usually have one each semester and they are often a highlight of students college experience.

Fun Events 

We love to have fun and utilize events to see relationships develop!

Leadership Team 

These people are the heroes of our staff team! They give and sacrifice to make the ministry happen on a weekly basis. They lead Bible studies, carry out the vision of our ministry, and are often the front lines to help new students feel welcome.

Our leadership team is a place for students to grow as they take on more responsibility in the ministry to serve and lead. Find out more about this here.

Timothy Team

This is a 6-7 week course in a staff home in the spring semester. The goal is to help students to be Established in the gospel, Equipped to share it, and Sent out to practice. Find out more here.