Who We Are

The Navigators at Kansas State University are a family of students and staff on a mission to know Christ, make him known, and help others do the same.

Meet Our Staff Team

(Left to Right) Joshua Jones, Ashley Cain, Kelly Helms, Rashelle Porter, Ally Madrigal, Jon Pagel, David Torpen, Linda Llewelyn.

Jon & Trista Pagel

Jon (Campus Director) and Trista Pagel grew up in Iowa and met in college at the University of Northern Iowa. They got married soon after graduating and came on staff right away in 2012. Before getting to Manhattan to direct the K-State Navs in 2016, they lived for 2 years in Fort Collins, CO. Their boys are Benaiah, Brody, Corbyn, Carson, and Hank. They love being active with their kids, caring for their two bunnies, cheering on the Yankees, reading, and hosting students in their home.

David & Amy Torpen

David (Staff Trainer) and Amy Torpen moved to Manhattan after 8 years in the banking industry in North Dakota and Wisconsin. They love opening up their home to college students and experiencing God in the ordinary things of life. They are passionate about trusting God to produce obedient disciples who will lead their families, their workplaces, and their communities in a way that honors Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Kelly Helms

A native Kansan, Kelly (Nav Rep) is excited to be back at her alma mater serving with The K-State Navigators. She’s had experience with collegiate ministry, missions, missions recruiting and sending, and has found herself investing in young people for many years now. She’s mom to Gabe and enjoys cooking, adventuring, reading and the great outdoors.

Ashley Cain

Ashley Cain (Staff in Training I) graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in computer science in 2019. She served on staff at the U of A for 2 years before coming to K-State this year. She has two cats and a gecko and loves to show them off. She also enjoys playing video and board games and doing craft projects!

Ally Madrigral

Ally Madrigal (EDGE Corps II) graduate from Northwest Missouri State with a BFA in Graphic Design. This is her second year serving with the Navigators here at K-State. She love grabbing coffee and having deep conversations, being active, and crocheting. She is a big fan of plants, and thinks flowers are the best! Fun fact: she is double jointed in her elbows… she’s pretty sure.

Rashelle Porter

Rashelle Porter (EDGE Corps II) is in her second year on staff here at K-State. She has a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness from Northwest Missouri State University and is a self-nominated fun enthusiast. In her free time you can probably find her kayaking, playing board games, or going on an adventure with her dog Bella. The Navigators has really helped changed the way she loves and interacts with scripture, and she is so thankful for that!

Claire Larkins

Claire Larkins (EDGE Corps I) is in her first year on Staff with the Navigators here at K-State! She grew up here in Manhattan. Before joining the staff team at K-Sate she spent time working at a couple of local bakeries, which is still one of her favorite hobbies. She also love to play music and meet new people. She is excited to see how God works through the Navigators at K-State this next year!

Josh Jones

Josh Jones (EDGE Corps I) is a recent graduate from K-State who got connected into the Navigators his Freshman year and has been involved ever since. This is his first year serving on staff with the Navigators. He is passionate about discipleship and spiritual generations. He also loves to go fishing and be outdoors!

Rich and Linda Llwelyn

Photo of Rich and Linda Llewelyn

Rich and Linda Llewelyn served with The Navigators in Indonesia for ten years and have been at K-State since 2006. They continue as Associate Staff with The Navigators. Rich works in the department of agricultural economics at K-State. They have two grown sons. Andy, who is serving overseas and Matt, who is working in Kansas City.