Thriving in Isolation

We are all living disrupted lives where there is so much out of our control. Some more than others are isolated in places that aren’t spiritually life giving.

Here are three ways you can make the most of the next 7 weeks and thrive in isolation:

1. Cultivate Godly affections and actions by directing your attention to God’s Word.

Don’t focus so much on the circumstances and issues around you that God becomes too small for your problems. Set your mind and hope on Christ in the gospel (Psalm 1; Colossians 3), on our great God as he has revealed himself in the Word, and let your heart be moved to faith, courage, and healthy risk-taking!

2. Build Community.
Don’t just look for and enjoy community, but help build it. This takes effort, intentionality, ownership, and action. But how worth it this will be over the next 7 weeks. Be brave to take the first step and initiate a heart level conversation with a friend. Prioritize gathering with your community group. Text a friend you are praying for them.

Don’t let the next 7 weeks pass by without resolving to build community around you, whatever it takes.

3. Look to do Good.
Christianity has historically thrived during worldwide crisis and epidemics. They moved to the hurting, helpless, wounded, and sick at their own expense.

Let’s be people who are known for an infectious and joyful, servant hearted love for others. Be observant and meet the needs of family, friends, and neighbors. Check in on them. Buy some groceries. Ask how you can help. Pray for their friends.

Don’t forget to refer to our page of ongoing resources to use your time well:…/1sBOuCaDHvktcbPkOIIsDS7H-7H…/edit…

We are collecting books, articles, podcasts, and more things you can utilize in your down time as your online classes begin.

Stay safe and keep fighting for joy in the Lord!

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