Transformed Lives

Hi, I’m Anna! My time in the Navs was full of sweet moments and experiences that I’ll never forget. I joined during my sophomore year of college when I was struggling with many things and wow, was God’s timing absolutely perfect. Being a part of the Navs impacted my walk with the Lord in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Being a part of the Navs gave me an opportunity to learn how to live my life fully for Christ.


From developing an understanding of what it truly meant to have a relationship with the Lord, to being loved on and discipled by so many godly women, and then getting to love and disciple freshmen women during my last year, God changed my heart in many ways and grew me for His glory. God blessed me with so many ways to serve and love others in the Navs, which has lead to a desire to serve and love others in my church! I met my very best friends through Navs and they still, continually, point me to Christ in all that I do!


I am forever thankful to our Savior for taking my scared, sad, 19 year old self and giving me a community of believers to walk along side as I grew in my walk with the Lord during those college years!

Anna 2017 Graduate

The Navigators at K-State were the catalyst through which my knowledge of God became a relationship with God. This was modeled to me by both students and staff who were willing to open their lives to me, inviting me to join them in walking with God.


Bible studies with other students showed me how to read and study the Bible in meaningful, purposeful ways. Events like Main Event and Laborers were a great opportunity to get away from school for a weekend, fellowship with, and learn with other believers. Programs such as Jax STP and Short-term overseas missions provided opportunities to step out of my comfort zone along with other believers into spaces where my faith would grow.


I met lifelong friends through the Navs at K-State. My previous friendships became even stronger. And God opened my eyes to truths that have strengthened my faith in Him.

Grant 2017 Graduate

Joining the Navigators my freshman year was huge for my spiritual growth! I was born and raised in a Christ-following home, but coming to K-State was the first time I had to claim my faith as my own.


One of the reasons I was curious about Navs was because of their emphasis on one-on-one discipleship. I felt like this could be a place where I would be fully known. I joined a bible study and quickly found my first impressions to be true. There, I was challenged to deepen my relationship with God and form healthy spiritual habits.


I was involved with the K-State Navs until I graduated, and the most impactful part of my time with them was the community. I formed connections with people who took a genuine interest in my life and followed it up with faithful actions.


Weekly coffee dates with mentors, bible studies, and NavNights became a natural part of my routine. Additionally, I was lucky enough to meet my best friends who have continued to encourage me long after graduation. My experience ultimately helped me lay a solid faith foundation, grow a heart for the Nations, and build lifelong friendships.

Elaine 2018 Graduate