The Navigators at K-State is fully supported by friends and family who are excited about our mission of impacting lives of students and want to help. Of each dollar given 14% goes to the Navigators overall ministry and the other 86% comes to us. We use this on things like

  • fall launch activities
  • freshmen recruiting events
  • printing Bible studies
  • hosting dorm pizza parties
  • thanking our student leaders with cards/gifts
  • conference scholarships
  • and much more

If you are sold on the strategic nature of college ministry and would like to help us invest in the lives of students, see below how you can do that.

K-State Navs

You have no idea how much a financial gift would bless us! Every dollar given opens up more possibilities of what we are able to do in blessing seniors getting ready to graduate, recruiting freshmen, and equipping students to labor with the gospel.

Go here to give a one time or monthly gift.

Jax Summer Training Program (STP) Students

Each summer we have students who go to Jacksonville, FL for an 8 week discipleship training program with 100 other students in the Midwest called JAX STP. They work work a full time job while learning how to study the Bible and live out their faith.

Check back here to see who may be going this summer and how you can help support them.

Overseas Trips

Most summers we have some students going overseas on a short term missions trip. We will update you here on who they are and how you can give.